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We currently service the Tri-State area and have the capabilities to expand outside this area to meet our customers’ and YOUR needs!

Hardline International Inc. started in 1980 manufacturing tire liners for the tire industry. Slowly as tubeless tires evolved, tire liners slowly phased out. Looking to diversify; in 1989 Hardline International bought out a small company by the name of “Inventamation.” Inventamation had developed the first RIMM-KLEEN single wheel blaster and Hardline International bought all rights and patents for this machine.

Hardline started marketing the RK-1 Rim blaster throughout the tire industry to tire recappers. At the time baking enamels paints were being used to repaint used rims so with the help of an engineering firm, they developed the first RIMM-KLEEN SYSTEM. This included the RIMM-KLEEN single rim blaster, RIMM-KLEEN liquid spray booth and RIMM-KLEEN Bake-A-Rim oven.

As time went on, paints were advancing to “air dry” paints. Thus eliminating the use of the Bake-A-Rim oven and an air dry rim rack was then used.

By the mid to late 1990’s paint technology was once again changing. This time to powder paints. Powder paints are “harder” and last up to 40% longer than the liquid paints. So the RIMM-KLEEN Bake-A-Rim oven came back along with a new RIMM-KLEEN powder paint booth for applying the powder paints.

Hardline International has continued this way of painting wheels since the change to powder.

We have refined and developed this process to make RIMM-KLEEN SYSTEMS superior in the powder coating rim/wheel industry.  

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