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Powder Coating Process

RIMM-KLEEN SYSTEMS uses the same process in coating “new” rims/wheels.

One or two step paint process available.

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Step 1

Prepare The Rim For Paint

  • Remove all rust, scale and old paint

  • Rim is then cleaned to base metal and inspected for cracks or bends in bead and worn bolt holes

  • Faulty rims can then be removed from service before they can cause serious problems

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Step 2

(Optional) Apply A Coat Of Zinc Rich Primer

  • Primer gives an added layer of protection against rust before color is added

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Step 3

Apply Color To The Rim

  • Using a charged Powder coating system, a color coat is applied to the rim

  • This environmentally safe procedure applies powder in uniform coats with no runs

  • This process insures full coverage without exceeding allowable thickness

  • Available in Standard colors: White, Grey, Black

  • Premium colors available such as: Silver, Red, Orange, Yellow, and Blue

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Step 4

Rim Is Run Through An Oven For A Complete Cure

  • Rims bake in oven for 15 minutes

  • Results in the same coating and look as a new wheel

  • The finish is chip resistant, resists petroleum products and is 1500 hour salt spray tested

  • This finish lasts up to 40% longer than traditional paint finish

  • Ready to remount in less than 1 hour

Powder Coating Process: Inventory

Additional Services

Swap Programs Available

Stainless Steel Valve Stems Added For Additional Charge

Used Rims Are Available For Purchase

Powder Coating Process: Services
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