Aluminum Polishing Process

RIMM-KLEEN SYSTEMS uses a 4 step process to bring dull aluminum wheels to a “Like New Finish."

Rims can be polished for Steer (front) or Drive (rear) applications or both sides can be done.

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Step 1

Prepare The Rim For Polish

  • Rim is given light shot blast to clean base metal; removing dirt, grease and grime and allow for inspection of cracks or bends in bead and worn bolt holes

  • Faulty rims can then be removed from service before they can cause serious problems

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Step 2

Machine Grind The Rim

  • Rims go through several stages of machine grind to remove most pits, scratches and gouges

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Step 3

Recut The Rim

  • Recuts rim to smooth finish

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Step 4

Polish The Rim

  • Rim goes through final stage of Polish to bring wheel to “Like New Luster”


Additional Services

Swap Programs Available

Stainless Steel Valve Stems Added For Additional Charge

Used Rims Are Available For Purchase